The unique product that sanitization / sterilization of the water is made safe at low cost


Disease prevention is the most important, but it does not become if I do not prevent that infection spreads if, unfortunately, infectious bacteria and virus invade it!
When something becomes wrong with an individual infected with the strong bacteria, virus of the infection power in the early days and develops, the secondary infection has already advanced,
When infected individuals increase, infection (in the dovecot pandemic) spreads geometrically afterward. Important one do not widen infection next to the prevention,
In the course of the infection, contact infection, droplet infection, Through our infection, oral infection varies, It is the drinking water machine that all the pigeons always make contact in the doveyard ...Because the water inside is the sump water...When the infected pigeon pierces the beak, the water is contaminated, If the conditions are met, the bacteria and virus grow explosively in the water! Infection of all pigeons is a matter of time.

The root of all evil! Exhaust drinking water pollution! Effectively prevent drinking water pollution!
This is "ecofiber".

Product features

ecofiber is a newly developed brass metallic fiber with 35% zinc and 65% copper.
Copper alloys (JIS standard products) manufactured by companies in Japan are processed into thin fibrous shapes to increase the surface area, Just by immersing a certain proportion in the water of interest, it continuously releases trace amounts of zinc ions, copper ions, and electrons.

Copper and zinc, and two types of divalent ions exert excellent bactericidal / algicidal activity by additive action in water, It suppresses bacteria, fungi, viruses, squirrels and algae, and it exerts deodorizing effect.

Copper and zinc ions from ecofiber are far lower than the concentration (1 mg / liter) found in tap water and the concentration as a nutrient ingredient (0.45 mg / liter) added to infant formula, it is harmless It is safe.
Because there is no load on the environment, Brushes are beginning to be used in hospitals and nursery schools for the purpose of preventing bacteria and viruses and improving hygiene even in Japan, which is recognized as beneficial in the US Environmental Protection Agency.

If you put it directly into a drinking water, fine feathers and garbage may get entangled · You can use it for beautiful use to put in a nonwoven bag etc. The gradually darkened metal fiber becomes thinner and thinner, but you can use it for about 1 year repeatedly The ecofiber becomes the ion concentration that exerts its effect in about 1 hour after immersion and the 5th day becomes the maximum value, before the drinking water expires It is effective to rotate with a sub drinking water made in advance.

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