Messrs. Cataloger/Mail-order firms

We introduce a mail order company of various countries in the world to a Japanese customer.
What's New and A recommended catalogue introduction page.
Now I introduce a mail order company of 4000 kinds of world 41 countries in our homepage.
We take a demand of a Japanese customer, and we order a catalogue from your company instead of customer.
Because I notify you of a full name and an address of a customer, please dispatch a catalogue to a customer from direct your company.
Please return for the following questionnaire, and please send your sample catalogue.

 Company name:
 Catalog name:
 Person in charge:
1. Do you accept orders from Japan?
@We do not send to Japan,@but if the delivery address is in our country, we will accept order from Japan.
2. Sales system
@Catalogue shopping

@@@@ENumber of page:
@@@@EThe establishment of a business year:
@@@@EHou much does your catalog cost, including postage, to receive it from Japan?
@@@@@@Free of charge                  Charge costs:
@@@If you publish several catalogs, please name them all.
@Parsonal Shopping
@Internet Online Shopping
@@@@@www address:
@@@@@e-mail address:

3. What kind of principal merchandise for sale?
4. Article delivery method
@Air Parcel Post@@Sea Parcel Post@@DHL@@UPS@@Federal Express
@Air Cargo@@Sea Cargo@@Others:
5. Shipping Carriage
@Based on weight
@Based on items price@@Other:
6. Payment
@VISA@@‚l‚‚“‚”‚…‚’ card@@American Express@@‚i‚b‚a@@‚a‚‚Ž‚‹check
@International Money Order@@Bank check@@Others:
7. Do you have any Japanese-speaking staff?
----------------------Thank you for cooperation------------
Representative Director; Junichi Takayama
5-6 Chuou 1 Chome Jouetu-shi Niigata 942-0001 JAPAN